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Dermal Care Services

Remedy & Repair 30min facial
More than just a basic facial this facial is perfect for first time clients or returning clients wanting a quick refresh. This facial includes cleansing, consultation, hot towel, manual/chemical exfoliation and a customized reparative serum application. ($45)
Applied to the back ($65)


Remedy & Repair 60min facial
This luxurious facial dives deep into repair & remedy of skin problems and is carefully curated to fit your unique skincare needs. With this facial you’ll receive the basics of skincare plus extractions (if needed), hydrating mask and hyaluronic facial massage. ($85) *package 6 facials scheduled every 2 weeks ($425)
Applied to the Back ($105) *package of 6 back facials scheduled every 2 weeks ($525)
With Microdermabrasion add on ($125) *package same as face ($625)
Applied to the back with microdermabrasion 90min($180) *package same as face ($900)


The Peel 30min
A mini facial and chemical peel combo designed to target the specifics of dry, oily, mature or acneic skin. ($65) *package 6 peels scheduled every 4-6 weeks ($325)
Applied to the Back ($80) *package 6 peels scheduled every 4-6 weeks ($400)


The Micro 45min
Microdermabrasion is a manual exfoliation and skin-revitalizing treatment that helps repair sun damage and scaring as well as the unwanted side effects of aging. During this procedure gentle diamond tipped wands with vacuum suction remove dead skin cells in a clean controlled manner, revealing a smoother skin texture and promoting the growth of healthy new skin cells. ($60) *package 6 treatments first 3 at every 14 days and second 3 at every 21 days ($300)
Applied to the back 60 min ($90) *package 6 treatments first 3 every 14 days and second 3 every 21 days ($450)
Add Multi-Fruit Exfoliation Mask ($15+)


Acne Exfoliator 30 min facial
The perfect facial for treating teen and adult acne. This facial combines the Remedy and Repair facial with a powerful AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid) exfoliation gel mask. This mask has a strong anti-bacterial action and sebum reducing properties. Perfect for exfoliation for oily acneic skin. Stimulates new skin cell production. Promotes the loosening of surface debris, clearing impacted follicles and healing of blemishes. ($55) *Package of 3 treatments ($110)
Applied to the back($70) *Package of 3 treatments ($140)

*prices are subject to change based on client needs.
*Packages are non-refundable and must be completed within the time frame recommended by the Esthetician (See package purchase agreement form).

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